Strain Gaging

“To measure is to know.” – Lord Kelvin


Strain gages are devices that allow us to measure the actual stresses in a part or structure in real-time in a non-destructive way. This allows us to step aside from the assumptions that are required in engineering calculations and get actual data that shows the real state of stress.

Since 1970, VGO has distinguished itself as a leader in applied strain gage technology on the West Coast. Our personnel are experts in applying strain gages to real-world structures in field environments to provide practicing engineers with useful data to solve their current problems.

We maintain an extensive inventory of strain gages and data acquisition equipment on-hand, which allows us to respond immediately to our customers’ needs.

Strain Gaging Services:

  • Validate FEA models
  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Custom Load Cells
  • Bascule Leaf Bridge Balancing
  • Residual Stress Measurement
  • Dynamic and Static Load Determination