Our Services

VGO provides a variety of Testing, Inspection, and Failure Analysis services. We specialize in combining aspects of each of these services synergistically to solve engineering problems. By combining aspects of these distinct but related areas, VGO can often produce solution paths otherwise not available.

Strain Gaging

Strain gages are small non-destructive sensors that allow us to measure engineering stress on any structure in real-time. We are the West Coast leader in applied strain gage solutions.

Physical Testing

Our extensive physical testing capabilities allow us to measure system performance directly. Load, torque, deflection, fatigue, and other testing services are available.

Field Inspections

Non-destructive testing (NDT) and field assessments of equipment allows us to find cracking, misalignment, corrosion, and wear so they can be addressed before they cause serious damage.

Failure Analysis

Analysis of failures and fractures allow us to determine the cause of failure and propose solutions to prevent future failures.