Deflategate 2.0 [Video]

In honor of Tom Brady’s return to football this weekend after serving a 4 game suspension for under-inflating game balls, we decided to do our own deflategate study. So, naturally, we put a football in our 120 kip test press and compressed...
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Hey all, Here is an interesting video about Hexaflexagons. What’s a Hexaflexagon, you might ask? I wondered the same thing. Well it turns out that a flexagon is a flat model which folded in certain ways to display different faces than the...
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Epic Fails in Engineering – Ariane 5

On June 4th, 1996, following 10 years of engineering development and an expenditure of $7 billion, the European Space Agency launched the Ariane 5 on its maiden voyage from the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana. On board were four, expensive–and uninsured–satellites....
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